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Daily Minyan Schedule

Daily Minyan Schedule

Daily Minyan Schedule

Although we usually do get minyanim for services, if you are observing a Yahrtzeit, please contact the office a day or so in advance, so we can try to ensure that a minyan is available.  Check the What's Happening for last minute changes!

Friday Night Services:

10 minutes after candle lighting

Shabbat  and Holiday Morning Minyan:

9:30 AM

Shabbat and Holiday Mincha Service:

Approximately same time as candlelighting; i.e., 10 minutes earlier than Friday's time


Daily Morning Minyan

Monday & Thursday:

6:50 AM

Tues., Wed., & Friday:

7:00* AM


8:20 AM

(Note: On most US holidays, the weekday morning Minyan begins at 8:00 am.  Please contact the Office or check the What's Happening for specific holidays.  * - Days when the Torah is read, including Rosh Chodesh and Chol HaMoed davening begins at 6:50 AM.)


Evening (Maariv) Minyan

Friday and Saturday

see above


see below

Monday- Thursday:

9:00 PM

(Note: this time is subject to change as sunset changes and/or for fast days and other observances.)

Sunday Mincha/Maarv changes to permit an hour between Mincha and Maariv; please check the What's Happening for specific times or call the office.

Please contact the office to request a Mincha minyan.
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